Computer Maintenance & Computer Tune-Ups

Computer Maintenance & Tune-Ups

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Keep Your Computer Running Fast & Secure

Like a car, your computer needs routine maintenance to keep it in optimal condition. Regular computer maintenance provides stability, security, and performance.

To ensure your computer is running its absolute best our tune-up service consists of:

  • Verifying your computer is updated with the latest Windows build
  • Installation of the latest Windows security updates
  • Updating firmware and hardware device drivers
  • Updating outdated software applications
  • Removal of computer viruses or malware infestation
  • Removal of unwanted software applications
  • Optimization of the Windows operating system
  • Freeing up disk space by removing junk files and temporary files
  • Dust removal from computer’s interior to improve cooling and prevention of component failure
  • Defragmentation of mechanical hard drive to improve drive speed

Keep Your Windows Operating System Updated

In addition to the weekly and monthly security updates, Microsoft deploys an annual update of the latest version of the Windows operating system offering security and performance improvements.

During your computer tune-up, Kevin will verify your computer is fully updated and secure.

Outdated Software & Hardware Device Drivers

Using an unsupported operating system or software application or having outdated hardware device drivers installed not only causes stability and performance issues but can pose security risks to the end-user as well. Continued usage of unsupported hardware and software leaves the end-user vulnerable to computer viruses, malware infestation, ransomware attacks and the possibility of identity theft.

What Is Ransomware?

Ransomware is the encryption of your data files (pictures, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PDF files, music files) rendering them inaccessible and held hostage until the end-user either agrees to pay the demanded ransom fee or risk the probability that the data will be lost forever.

To keep your computer running smoothly and securely contact Perry Computer Services today and schedule your computer tune-up service.

Data Backup

If your computer were to be rendered unusable, do you have a backup plan where you could easily recover and restore your data files? Unfortunately for some end-users, a data backup is not given much consideration until a disaster has already occurred. Recovering from a potential hard drive failure, theft, or computer virus should not be stressful for the end-user if there is an existing data backup.

How often you should back up is determined by how much time the end-user is willing to spend recreating data files or how much data you are willing to lose. Daily, weekly, or monthly backups should be part of your computer maintenance.

Woman looking shocked at a ransomware popup on her laptop

Ways To Back Up Your Data

  • USB Flash Drive
  • External Hard Drive
  • Cloud Backup (different than cloud storage)
  • Network Attached Storage (NAS Drive)

To learn which backup solution may work best for you contact us today.

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