Computer Setup & Optimization

Computer Setup & Optimization

We service all brands of Microsoft Windows 10 & Windows 11 computers

Setup Your Computer Correctly the First Time

Have you purchased a new desktop, laptop, or All-in-One computer and need assistance setting it up? Perry Computer Services will set up, optimize, and transfer all your data files (data migration) and software applications resulting in a seamless turnkey transition to your new PC. Although setting up a new computer is not technically difficult many end-users may not realize that simply plugging in the power cord, keyboard and mouse is simply not enough if they want to reach the full potential of their new computer. Kevin will tweak and optimize the Windows operating system to achieve optimal system performance.

What Is Data Migration?

Data migration is the process of transferring your personal data files (Word and Excel files, photos, documents, pdf files, music files and browser bookmarks etc.) from one computer to another.

Turnkey Transition

Our clients often tell us they have high anxiety when it comes time to replace an existing computer. Perry's Computer Services strives to make the transition as seamless and painless as possible. We set up our client’s computer so all the client needs to do is sit, relax, and start using their new fully functional, and optimized computer. We install all the required software, printers, Internet browsers, configuration of email accounts, install the client’s existing Internet security software or recommend a security software if necessary.

Custom Built Desktop Computers

When looking for a desktop computer there are two options to consider. The first option is a pre-built computer found online and in the big box stores from manufacturers such as Dell, HP, and Lenovo. The second choice is to have a custom-built desktop computer.

The issue with pre-built computers is the fact that manufacturers use proprietary components that tend to be low quality resulting in computers becoming disposable rather than upgradeable or repairable. While it may be possible to upgrade a pre-built computer you are more likely to find there are limitations in what you can upgrade or repair due to the proprietary nature of these desktop computers.

If you are not finding what you like in the store Kevin will consult with you and depending upon your budget will custom build a desktop computer that best meets your expectations and needs. Kevin will choose quality parts resulting in a computer build that will be fast, secure, quiet, and dependable for at least 8 years and if you wish to upgrade or swap out a component it can be done without effort as custom-built computers use standardized parts that are easily interchangeable.

Computer Consulting Services

Whether you are an end-user in a residential setting or a small business owner Perry's Computer Services provides computer consultation services by offering guidance in choosing the right type of computer for the client based on their expectations and budget.

Technology is constantly changing and what may be a good computer for one individual may not make it a good computer for someone else. We are often asked what the best computer is to buy and our response to that question is that it is too subjective to say what the best computer is. Based on budget, expectations, and needs we will help determine if a desktop, laptop, mini-PC, or All-in-One computer would be best for you.

CompTIA A+ Certified Technician

Service and Support Microsoft Windows 10 & Windows 11 PCs