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Serving Cape Cod Since 2001

Need Tech Support?

Consulting Services

General Consultation

  • Are you considering upgrading to a new computer, but unsure of what you should look for?
  • Do you ask yourself is it time to upgrade your current PC or is your current desktop or laptop still sufficient to function?
  • Are you wondering how it may be possible to improve upon your wireless network coverage?
  • Do you ask yourself, do I need to use a cloud backup service or can my data be backed up on a flash drive?

As a computer consultant, I can provide answers to these and any additional questions my clients have.

Solving your IT Issues while you grow your business

Exceptional Service

I do not sell any sort of hardware or software so, therefore I am able to provide my clients with a subjective opinion on which solution may work best for them as an individual.

Up To Date Solutions

Technology is constantly evolving and it’s not always easy to keep up with the latest changes. The experience and knowledge I have gained over the years from working in the IT industry on a daily basis, may be of some helpfulness in answering questions or concerns which you may have.

Flexible Service Hours

Perry's Computer Services Cape Cod is available 7-days-a-week to help answer any questions or resolve any issues a client may have.

CompTIA A+ Certified Technician

Service and repair all brands of Microsoft desktop computers and laptops.

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