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Custom-Built Computers

Need a new computer for home, work, or gaming?

Perry’s Computer Services can help design and build your new desktop computer that will be fast, quiet, and reliable for many years into the future.

I consult with you to determine how the computer is intended to be used and suggest appropriate components that fit your budget.

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What’s the difference between a pre-built and custom-built computer?

A pre-built computer is a name brand such as HP, Dell, or Lenovo that you buy in the retail store or online. Basically, what you see is what you get with few customization options, and proprietary components that may not be upgradable. Frankly, these pre-built systems are not designed with quality parts which makes them less reliable long term.

With a custom-built computer you have full control over each component leading to a selection of higher quality parts. The system becomes much more reliable and less likely to suffer from early component failure. System components can be easily replaced or upgraded if you choose to do so. Nothing about a custom-built computer is proprietary.

Is a custom-built computer less expensive than a pre-built system?

Unfortunately, no because the quality of parts used in a custom-built computer is much higher. The tradeoff, however, is that you will have a computer which is much more reliable, and you can expect it to last well into the future.

Who do you build computers for?

The computers I have designed and built have been used primarily by home users or small business offices needing a workstation. However custom-built computers are tailored to the individual so just about anyone who does not like what they see in stores or online can have a system built specifically for them.

My system builds are not intended for the computer enthusiast who require RGB lighting, liquid cooling or want to push the limits of their CPU by overclocking their system.

Do you warranty the computer?

To be clear, I do not sell computers. Based on the end user’s needs I recommend certain components that I have found worked well in other client builds. I highly recommend purchasing components from Newegg or Amazon and I will build the system for the client once the parts arrive, but I do not resell the parts myself.

In the event that a warranty claim needs to be made, I will certainly support the client through the process, but it’s with the understanding that I’m absolved of any liability as the computer wasn’t purchased through Perry’s Computer Services.

To find out more about a custom-built computer, call Perry’s Computer Services today.