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In order to save on the overhead costs of a brick and mortar location, Perry's Computer Services Cape Cod is a home office-based business and not open to the general public for drop-offs without an appointment.

My home office is located in South Yarmouth.

Perry's Computer Services Cape Cod is primarily a mobile-based computer repair business. Many issues can be resolved at the client's location.



Yes, I offer on-site computer repair services to residents and small business owners of Cape Cod.

As of August 2001.

Yes, appointments are required. This allows my client to receive my full undivided attention so I can resolve their issue in a professional and timely manner.   

Computer repair technicians who pay rent for an office space or building have to charge a higher hourly rate to the customers in order to recapture some of their overhead expenses.

In order to save on the expenses of paying rent, utility bills and insurance for retail office space, I have an area in my home dedicated exclusively for my computer repair shop. 

I have been in business since 2001 providing professional computer repair services without the need for a brick and mortar location. I am able to service up to 5 computers at any time.

Well for one, I am the owner and sole technician of Perry's Computer Services Cape Cod. Since this is my business and how I make a living, I have a vested interest in seeing it succeed. I'm not certain the employees working behind the counters at the big box stores feel the same way about their positions or how well the store succeeds the way I do regarding the success of my business.

Second, the tech you speak with at the store may not be the same person performing the work on your computer. When you choose Perry's Computer Services, I am the person you speak with on the phone, see in person, receive an email response from and will be the one who performs any type of service on your computer.

Third, can you be certain that the technicians hired by these big box stores are experienced or even qualified enough to be working on your personal computers? I have experience and qualifications. I have been providing professional computer repair services to residential clients and small business offices on Cape Cod since 2001. I have been CompTIA A+ Certified since 2006.

Yes, I have been CompTIA A+ Certified since 2006.

I’ve used both methods. Usually, I charge by the hour. However, for certain lengthy or complex issues which require extensive hours, I will usually quote a maximum flat rate.

Currently, the only form of payment I accept is a local check or cash.

No, I do not accept credit cards at the current time.

It really depends on the severity of the infection. Some infections I have been able to remove within in as little as an hour while more extensive virus infections have taken up to 3 hours or more.

Usually, I can resolve the issue within the same day. For more complex issues I may need to take the computer back to my home office for 24 to 48 hours. I try to return computers as quickly as possible.

No, I do not repair or replace cracked or broken laptop screens. 

Replacing a cracked or broken laptop screen can potentially cost almost half of what a person could spend for a new $600 laptop. 

On a desktop computer, I can install, replace, or upgrade just about any piece of hardware inside the computer case. 

When it comes to disassembling a laptop or an all-in-one unit,  I take a much more conservative and selective approach as to which types of repairs or upgrades I'll work on. Normally for laptops, I will upgrade or replace the hard drive and RAM (if accessible) otherwise I do not fix hardware issues on laptops due to liability issues and potentially costly repairs.

I do not handle this type of repair.

No, I do not sell or stock any sort of component. I can order smaller items such as RAM, Hard Drives, Desktop Power Supplies, Wireless Routers, etc., but in general, I do not have replacement parts on hand.

As long as I’m able to access the hard drive and if it’s still operational, then yes there is a pretty good chance that I can retrieve the data.

While I do not "sell" computers, I have built custom computers for clients based on their personal needs. 

I can help advise clients which hardware components may be best for them, and I can build the computer for them, but it is with the understanding that I am not actually selling a computer to the client. All parts must be ordered and paid for by the client beforehand, and I am not liable for any hardware issues that may need addressing through warranty claims. I recommend clients order parts through Newegg or Amazon, but it is essentially up to the client where they choose to order the parts.

No, I Do Not work on any Mac computers.

Yes, I can offer remote access support for my clients.

I do not sell used computers. However, I suggest looking at "off-lease" computers at either Amazon or TigerDirect. These are not computers intended for gaming, but were used primarily in business offices and should be considered for basic usage such as surfing the Internet and checking e-mail.

CompTIA A+ Certified Technician

Service, Support, and Repair Windows 8 / Windows 10 Desktop and Laptop Computers.