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Mac Services

Mac Computer Services

Perry's Computer Services offers basic support for owners of Apple computers. While I’m not a Mac expert, I do have a working knowledge of the Mac operating system and can provide assistance in certain areas.

Mac Computer

Mac Computer Services

Mac Support

  • Basic Mac Troubleshooting
  • Mac Setup and Configuration
  • Software Installation
  • Reinstallation of Mac Operating System
  • Operating System Upgrades
  • Virus & Malware Removal
  • Data Migration
  • Printer Installation
  • Internet Security Software Installation
    Please note that I DO NOT repair or replace any sort of hardware related component on either iMac desktops or MacBook laptops.

Virus Removal

The perception that Mac computers are immune from viruses and malware is simply not true. Malware attacks on Mac computers have been on the rise. 

If your Mac has been experiencing symptoms of browser redirects, pop-up ads, unknown browser toolbars suddenly appearing, or extremely slow Internet speeds, your Mac may be infested with malware.

If you suspect that your Mac has become infected with malware, call Perry Computer Services. I have utilities that will successfully remove any malware infestation.

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