Remote Support

A pop up virus on a computer screenRemote support assistance is a convenient way to resolve computer software issues saving our clients time and money. Remote support software allows us to access a client’s computer from our home office as if we were physically sitting in front of it at the client’s location. Our remote software is fast, secure, and easy to use as there is no complicated user ID or required password but merely requires the push of a button labeled “start session.”

To get started follow these quick and simple steps:

  1. Give us a call: (508) 280-1182 to schedule a remote support session
  2. Click on the button to download our remote support software
  3. Run the software after the download has completed
  4. Click the “Start Session” button to begin


Is your remote support software safe?
Yes. Your security and privacy are assured with 256-bit SSL encryption.

Are you able to access my computer at any time after providing remote support?
No, once the current remote session ends, we will no longer have access to your computer. The only way we would be able to obtain access to your computer is if you started a new session or if you enabled and granted us “Unattended Access.” privileges.

Can your software be easily uninstalled?
Yes. We can easily uninstall the remote software from your computer at the conclusion of the remote session.